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Focus your board on what matters. Use Foresight’s Agenda Hierarchy and Analytics to achieve the right balance among your Board’s 3 top priorities.

  1. Company’s Leadership. It is the Board’s most important function. Leadership is critical to an enterprise’s success, as Leadership runs the enterprise and executes strategy and tactics.
    • Choosing people to lead the Company: Selecting and evaluating the CEO and C-Suite
    • Choosing the Board’s leadership and leadership structure: Also, evaluating its performance and choosing its successors
    • Workforce and Culture. Setting the tone and expectations through policies, compensation, leading by example
  2. Company’s Strategy. It’s about setting the Company’s direction, the aim and trajectory of its products and services, its capital allocation, and its contribution to society.
    • Planning and Risk: Including these in the board’s review and approval of the strategic plan (3 to 5-year timeframe) and annual budget
    • Innovation: Overseeing new product/service initiatives, improvements in current products/services, new production and service delivery methods
    • Capital Planning and Shareholders: Optimizing capital allocation and weighing investor expectations
  3. Execution. A Board reviews and discusses results, evaluates proposed transactions, and pursues “red flags.”
    • Profitability and Disclosure: Balancing short-term profits and long-term growth/gain. Ensuring integrity and accuracy in disclosures
    • Compliance, Quality & Integrity: Leveraging these to create a competitive advantage
    • Transactions: Evaluating and approving transactions consistent with the company’s strategy

Foresight transforms how boards and corporate governance professional work – with advanced technology that speeds and elevates their work.

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