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Kathy Graham, CEO, The HQ Companies, Inc. — human capital consulting firm — recently shared her thoughts about the need for and approaches to board rebalancing. While boards are rebalancing membership, she encourages boards to also review the use of and adopt an appropriate board portal to further enhance board effectiveness.

Here are some of our thoughts about board portals. Boards and corporate governance teams at both public and private companies have experienced increased workloads and demands in recent years: Sarbanes-Oxley. More demanding exchange listing standards and disclosure. Increased investor and NGO interest in company ESG initiatives. DE&I. Executive compensation. Enhanced disclosure – required and voluntary. Employee concerns. Changes in strategy. Disruption is the new normal.

Many companies have turned to board portals to manage those increased demands and workloads.

There are portals. And then there is Foresight®BoardOps.

It is so much more than a portal. It is a fully-integrated BoardOps Toolbox, putting everything in one place. That means everyone and everything is on one platform – improving collaboration and communication before, during and after board meetings, reducing chance of errors.

Foresight®BoardOps enables boards, C-Suites and corporate governance teams to:

  1. Systematize Agenda planning. Meeting Analytics foster continuous improvement in board processes and board effectiveness using monitoring and measurement. Using these analytics in annual board and committee self-assessments to evaluate and elevate board performance. Increase board focus on Strategy and Leadership agenda topics.
  2. Improve meeting and decision preparation and documentation.
  3. Consolidate governance compliance resources, compare to agenda, then advise and act with confidence
  4. Access investor policies.
  5. Distribute agenda and meeting materials electronically using document- and participant-specific access controls.
  6. Electronic distribution of D&O questionnaires.
  7. Use board composition analytics to better understand board composition. Track information needed to comply with Nasdaq disclosure requirements. Better inform recruitment planning. Also, export Foresight®BoardOps graphs and charts for use in board materials and investor communications
  8. Assess board oversight of ESG topics important to strategy and investors

Foresight®BoardOps transforms how boards and corporate governance professionals work – using advanced technology to speed and elevate their impact. Result: Agile Board. Agile Organization.

To learn more about improving your governance processes, increasing your productivity, and reducing your stress, go to:

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With Foresight you can manage all of your board’s agenda items, improve board performance, and save time and money.

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