Talking Foresight BoardOps with Broc

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Talking Foresight BoardOps with Broc

Broc Romanek of ZippyPoint (a good friend and big fan of Foresight BoardOps) recently talked with Foresight BoardOps Senior Advisor, Carol Ward (a good friend and big fan of Broc).

They discussed how Foresight BoardOps board management software brings needed agility to board planning and decision-making. Watch the video below or on ZippyPoint.

For corporate secretaries and general counsels as well as other members of the C-Suite, Foresight BoardOps enhances workflows.

  • Automates the tedium of board meeting planning, documentation and follow-up.
  • Brings together frequently used but dispersed corporate governance and regulatory resources.
  • Frees up time for more strategic work.

Plus, Foresight BoardOps can make the board more effective.

  • Prioritizes high impact agenda topics.
  • Helps to align management and board on goals.
  • Unique analytics provide actionable insights into board activities and board compostition.

Broc has had a firsthand look at what Foresight BoardOps can do and highly recommends you check it out!

Agile Board. Agile Organization. Agility begins at the top.

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With Foresight you can manage all of your board’s agenda items, improve board performance, and save time and money.

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