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Annual Meetings – 2021 Style

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Annual Meetings – 2021 Style

In 2020, companies, shareholders, and service providers had to pivot quickly from in-person to virtual annual meetings to comply with restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.

Now, the 2021 annual meeting season is here. Most companies, shareholders, and service providers are pro-actively planning for virtual annual meetings. As they plan, they are leveraging lessons learned in and best practices coming out of the 2020 virtual meetings.

Our distinguished Advisory Board member, Doug Chia, followed and reported extensively on 2020 virtual annual meetings. He’s doing the same in 2021.

Here, Doug reports on four early birds that have already held their virtual annual meetings: Visa, Apple, Disney, and AmerisourceBergen.

Stay tuned for additional reports from Doug on 2021 virtual annual shareholder meetings.

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